Native: na•tiv /náytiv/

Native means born or produced in a specific region or country, but it can also apply to persons or things that were introduced from elsewhere some time ago...

Excerpt from The Pocket Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus
By Elizabeth Jewell


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Abbotsford Convent Farmer's Market

Situated within the walls of the Abbostford Convent, one time home of the closed order Good Shepherd Sisters, is the Slow Food Melbourne Farmers’ Market. The colorful and congenial market stalls stand in stark contrast to the somewhat dreary, frayed Gothic surroundings where one once found nun’s in habits and young “girls perceived to be in moral danger.” 

The market is organized by the Slow Food Melbourne convivium and a percentage of the proceeds are used on Slow Food endorsed projects within Victoria. Like all Slow Food markets the Melbourne market benefits both farmer and consumer. The farmer is able to sell direct and get a fair price for his/her product and the consumer buys with confidence knowing that what they’re taking home is fresh and has not been gassed or chemically processed.

The market is held the fourth Saturday of every month. Vendors from throughout Victoria bring items that reflect the history and diversity of the region. There are Sicilian relishes and preserved vegetables, dried fruits, a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables, made-to-order citrus drinks and live music. The market is BYOB, bring your own bag, not bottle.

Slow Food Melbourne Farmers’ Market
Abbotsford Convent
St Heliers Street, Abbotsford 
Melways ref 44 G5
There is a A$2 entry fee.

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