Native: na•tiv /náytiv/

Native means born or produced in a specific region or country, but it can also apply to persons or things that were introduced from elsewhere some time ago...

Excerpt from The Pocket Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus
By Elizabeth Jewell


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Florence Wine Bar - Apertivo

This photo was recently seen on the Wine Enthusiast Magazine site in a story written by Kevin.

Apertivo at Pitti Gola wine bar in Florence, across from the Pitti Palace. Run by 3 knowledgeable young Tuscans who taste every wine they stock. 


Artichokes in Bloom

Artichokes, an edible member of the thistle family, blooming in Tuscany.


Vin Santo

Vin Santo, a dessert wine especially popular in Tuscany, aging in San Gimignano.


Lunch at Fattoria San Donato Winery

While interviewing the owner and assistant wine maker at Fattoria San Donato near San Gimignano in Tuscany we were served a lunch of local cured meats, pecorino cheeses with chestnut honey and farro salad. Fattoria San Donato specializes in Vernaccia but they also make Vin Santo, Merlot and are experimenting with Rosé. The winery's facilities are in a medieval village the family purchased in 1932.


Spring Olive Tree Pruning in Tuscany

Each spring the hills of Tuscany and Umbria are filled with smoke as olive trees are pruned and the clippings are burned in anticipation of new growth. This occurs for about two months before the heavy rains begin and the region becomes as lush as the Irish countryside.

As the residents are enjoying the fresh oil from December's pressing you'll see ladders in trees and little piles like the ones in these pictures on every hillside while the farmers are busy preparing for the coming growing season.